Donald F. Burke, Jr.

Thesis Title:  "The Origins of Islam and the Judeo-Christian Tradition."

Advisor: Jawid Mojaddedi


The emergence of Islam in the seventh century forever altered the course of history for Jews and Christians living in the Middle East.  Through the study of Muslim interaction with Jews and Christians in Islamic sacred literature and the study of early Jewish and Christian writings on Islam, it is evident that these three religious communities had an evolving relationship influenced both by politics and theology.  The focus of my thesis was the complex nature of this relationship.  I concluded by offering some thoughts on what interactions between these three religious communities in this early context may indicate about modern Jewish, Christian and Muslim relations.  I am grateful to my advisor, Dr. Jawid Mojaddedi, for his guidance and advice. 

Thank you also to the Henry Rutgers Scholars Program and the Department of Religion for the opportunity to conduct this research.