Shpresa Ahmeti

Thesis Title:  "Evolution:  The Divine Nature of Man and God as Organism."

Advisor: James W. Jones

I ended up majoring when I realized I had apparently taken a lot of classes and little more would have made it a major. I had become so interested in the philosophy of religion that I  decided to write a thesis on philosopher G.W.F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and microbiologist Lynn Margulis’ symbiogenetic evolution. The thesis basically maintains a theology of nature, as perhaps evidenced by the title: Evolution: The Divine Nature within Man and God as Organism. I basically argue for a neo-animism although I don’t think I use this term in the paper based on the “self-maintaining” abilities of nature. I will spare you the details and say that its “another look” at the relationship between science and religion. I was really surprised that I was even allowed to write about such a thing as I wasn’t dealing explicitly with a traditional religion. It went surprisingly well and I am forever grateful to my advisor Dr. Jones for working me, to a wonderful secretary (Susan) who is always helped me with my last minute major decision-makings etc. , and to all of the religion department for being a great community of open-minded people and giving me high honors (thanks). Taking course in the department has enriched my spiritual and intellectual life; I hope to see a graduate program develop in the future as I see no reason for there not to be the possibility of an advanced degree in such an exceptional department.