Alaina Morgan

Thesis Title:  "The Many Faces of the Goddess Missing an African-American Face:  Psychological, Sociological and Political Reflections on the Absence of Black Women in Contemporary Wicca."
Advisor:  James W. Jones

Advisor: James W. Jones

This past year I completed my Henry Rutgers thesis which explored the connections between Black women and their participa­tion, or lack thereof, in contemporary Wicca (witchcraft).  This thesis entitled, “The Many Faces of the Goddess Miss­ing a Black Face: So­ciological, Psychological and Politi­cal Reflections on the Absence of African-American Women in Contempo­rary Wicca,” traces the absence of Black women to several factors, some of which are more apparent than others.  This project, done under the direc­tion of Dr. James W. Jones (who I am completely in­debted to for his sup­port), completely transformed the way that I see Black female religion as well as revolutionized the way that I think and ana­lyze information.