Walter Sisto

Thesis Title:  "Perfect Continence:  An Apostolic Rule."

Advisor:  James T. Johnson

For the past two semesters, I have been working on my Henry Rutgers Thesis, “Perfect Continence: An Apostolic Rule.”  Under the guidance of my supervisor, Professor James Johnson, I traced the origins of perfect conti­nence or more widely known as celibacy to the Apostles themselves. Thus, severely challenging the claim that celi­bacy begins only as a canonical rule for the Western Church in the fourth century, a claim that is held by the broader scholarly community.  My thesis was the first major research work I have ever worked on and will certainly not be the last.  Although researching my topic was extremely dif­ficult and complicated, it was by far the most  rewarding experience of my academic career thus far.  After com­pleting my thesis, I now feel well equipped for my future in graduate studies.