Department of Religion Courses that Fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements

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840:101   pdf Gods, Myths, and Religions in a Secular Age. 21C, AHo. (233 KB)
840:105   pdf Religions Now: 21st Century Controversies. 21C, AHo. (660 KB)
840:132  pdfReligion and the Arts.pdf
840:112   pdf Death and Afterlife. AHo. (175 KB)
840:201  Introduction to the Bible I: Torah and Prose. HST, AHp.
840:202  New Testament. HST.
840:206  Introduction to the Bible II: Prophets and Poetry. HST, AHp.
840:211   pdf Religion in Asia. HST, AHo, AHp. (458 KB)
840:212   pdf Religions of the Western World. HST, SCL, AHo. (112 KB)
840:222  The Question of God in Modern Culture. HST, AHo.
840:226   pdf Islam. HST, AHo. (172 KB)
840:305  Apocalypse: Religious Movements and the End of Time. HST, WCR, WCD.
840:311   folder Christians, the other, and Violence.  WCR.
840:314   pdf The Origins of Western Morality. HST, WCR, WCD. (1.65 MB)
840:316   pdf 20th Century Evangelicalism in the U.S. HST, WCR, WCD. (163 KB)
840:319   pdf Religion in American History. HST, WCR, WCD. (162 KB)
840:324   pdf Chinese Religions. AHo, AHp. (105 KB)
840:333   pdf Caribbean Religion. 21C, SCL, WCR. (145 KB)
840:368   pdf Hindu Philosophy. HST, AHo, AHp. (133 KB)
840:369  Buddhist Philosophy. HST, AHo.
840:370   pdf Buddhism, Society, and Politics in Southeast Asia. HST, WCD, WCR. (691 KB)
840:372   pdf Islamic Mystical Literature. AHo, WCR, WCD. (105 KB)
840:380   pdf Religious Healing in the U.S. HST, WCR, WCD. (162 KB)

HST:  Historical Analysis
AHp, AHo:  Arts and Humanities
SCL:  Social Analysis
WCR, WCD:  Writing and Communication
21C: 21st Century Challenges