There are no prerequisites to declare a minor in religion.  Students graduating with a minor in religion are required to have taken a minimum of six courses (18 credits) in the department of which at least three (9 credits) must have been at the 300 level or higher.  A minimum grade of C is required for every course that counts towards the minor Religion minors are required to take the vast majority of their religion courses offered by the Department of Religion at Rutgers University.

Students may use approved courses toward their minor that are offered by other departments at Rutgers (cognate courses, determine on case-by-case basis) or by non-Rutgers institutions (transfer courses). But the maximum number of the combination of cognate and transfer courses that can count toward a religion minor is two (2). The department considers transfer courses in such cases based on whether they fit comparable courses in our department and are of a similar methodology, depth, and rigor. In some cases, the department will refuse to accept transfer courses or only allow them as general electives.    pdfCross Listed Courses courses count toward the minor without prior approval as they are treated as regular courses offered by the department.